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Audio operation


Identify the left and right headphones. (There is a semicircle raised bump on the L (left) side.)

Wearing_F15BT + Wearing F15BT

Left: Bump

Listening to music

Launch the music player app on the BLUETOOTH device connected, to start playback.

Music Play

Operating the remote control

Functions F15BT

Play/Pause (Icon_Play-Pause)

Press Maru button once quickly.

Volume adjustment (Icon_Volume-Down/Icon_Volume-UP)

Press Minus Icon/Plus Icon button once quickly.

Hold down the button to change the volume continuously.

Skip to the next track (Icon_FF)

Press Maru button twice quickly during playback.

Skip to the previous track or beginning of the current track (Icon_REW)

Press Maru button three times quickly during playback.

This unit cannot guarantee operation of all of the remote control functions.

When the remaining battery power becomes low, an alarm will sound every 4 minutes.