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Copying to Windows PC

You can copy files to a PC using the provided software.
DVDs can also be created using the PC's DVD drive.
If the provided software is not installed, this unit will be recognized as an external storage when connected.


  • To record to discs, a recordable DVD drive is required for the PC in use.
  • Still images cannot be recorded to discs using the provided software.

Trouble with Using the Provided Software Everio MediaBrowser

Consult the customer service center below.

Pixela User Support Center


USA and Canada (English): +1-800-458-4029 (toll-free)

Europe (UK, Germany, France, and Spain)
(English/German/French/Spanish): +800-1532-4865 (toll-free)

Other Countries in Europe
(English/German/French/Spanish): +44-1489-564-764

Asia (Philippines) (English): +63-2-438-0090

China (Chinese): 10800-163-0014 (toll-free)


For details on how to upload to Youtube or transfer files to iTunes, refer to "MediaBrowser Help" in the "Help" menu of Everio MediaBrowser.

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