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Using supplied transmitter for wireless connection

1Attach the microphone to the headphone.


To remove, hold the plug area and pull downward.

2Connect the supplied transmitter to the USB terminal of the device (such as computer).

The indicator of the transmitter blinks quickly.

connecting_2_GG-01W + connecting_2_GG-01W

Transmitter (supplied)


3Press the power button (Icon_POWER_Button) on the headphone for 3 seconds.

connecting_3_GG-01W + connecting_3_GG-01W.eps

Power button (Icon_POWER_Button)

The indicator lights up for 1 second and the power turns on.

The headphone and the transmitter is connected automatically and the indicators on the headphone and transmitter will flash slowly.

You will hear an audio guidance saying “Connected”.

connecting_4_GG-01W + connecting_4_GG-01W.eps


Connection with all devices is not guaranteed.

If the device stays unconnected for about 5 minutes, the power of the headphone will be automatically turned off.