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Audio operation

Listening to music

Launch the music player app on the BLUETOOTH device connected, to start playback.


Operating the remote control

Functions S80BN

Play/Pause (Icon_Play-Pause)

Press Icon_Play-Pause button once quickly.

Volume adjustment (Icon_Volume-Down/ Icon_Volume-UP)

Press Minus Icon / Plus Icon button once quickly.

Hold down the button to change the volume continuously.

Skip to the next track (Icon_FF)

Press Icon_Play-Pause button twice quickly during playback.

Skip to the previous track or beginning of the current track (Icon_REW)

Press Icon_Play-Pause button three times quickly during playback.

Switching the sound mode

The sound mode changes as follows each time the SOUND button is pressed.

NORMAL Arrow Right white BASS BOOST Arrow Right white CLEAR Arrow Right white NORMAL

Beep tones are sounded when a mode is selected: "Beep beep" for BASS BOOST ON, "Beep beep beep" for CLEAR ON and "Beep" for NORMAL.

Using the noise canceling function

Set the NC switch to ON.

The indicator lights up in green.

Setting the NC switch to OFF turns off the noise canceling function. (The indicator light goes out.)

Using the noise canceling function mainly helps to reduce ambient noises such as noise in a vehicle and noise from air conditioners in a room.

In addition to using the noise canceling function when listening to music, you can also use the function alone.

This unit cannot guarantee operation of all of the remote control functions.

When the remaining battery power becomes low, an alarm will sound every 4 minutes.Charging

The noise canceling function is effective for low-pitched sounds such as noise in a vehicle and noise from air conditioners in a room but less effective for relatively high-pitched sounds such as announcements, conversations and bells in vehicles.

Turn off the noise canceling function after using to avoid draining the battery.