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Using only one earphone

After the L and R earphones are connected to the BLUETOOTH device and the BLUETOOTH setting on the device is turned on, either the L or R earphone can now be used on its own.

Take out the earphone that you wish to use from the charging case. The power of the earphones turns on automatically, and they are automatically reconnected with the last connected device.


When playing stereo music, only one side of the audio channel in use will be played back.

For remote control operation, only the earphone that is in use can be used.

Operation of the L and R earphones is different. Audio / Phone

To use the earphone that is not inside the charging case, press the button of the earphone for about 3 seconds to turn on the power.

If pairing has not been performed, do so before using. Pairing (Registering a device)

To use both earphones, put the earphones back into the charging case, wait till their power goes off and remove them from the case.