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Power Off

Powering off by placing earphones in the charging case

After using the earphones, place them back into the charging case. The power of the earphones will turn off and charging will start automatically.


Charging of the earphones starts after the indicators on the earphones light up in red and the indicator on the charging case flashes or lights up in blue.

If the battery power of the charging case has run out, the power of the earphones will not turn off automatically even when they are placed back into the charging case. When this occurs, charge the charging case. Charging the charging case

If only one side of the earphones is taken out from the charging case, the power of the earphone may not turn off correctly when it is placed back into the charging case. In this case, remove both earphones from the charging case and place them back in again.

When the earphones power off after they are placed in the charging case, the settings will not be memorized.

Powering off using the earphones

Press the Multi Button TWS on the L or R earphone for about 4 seconds.

PLAY button TWS

The indicator on the earphone lights up in red for 1 second and goes off again. The power is now turned off. Release your finger after the indicator light has gone off.

When the power for the L or R earphone is turned off, the other side will automatically power off.

When the power is turned off using the button on the earphones, the volume and sound mode settings before powering off will be memorized.