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Audio operation


Identify L and R sides of the earphones, and put them on correctly.

ear ET900 LR

The earphones comes attached with a standard earpiece (M size).

The earphones come supplied with a standard earpiece and an “open” type earpiece. The “open” type earpiece allows ambient sound to be heard more easily.

Earpiece Standard

Standard earpiece

Earpiece Low

“Open” type earpiece

The bass may sound weak or sound may leak if the size of the earpiece does not fit well with your ears. Also, it may cause the earphones to fall off easily.

Choose an appropriate earpiece from the three sizes (S, M and L) to enhance your listening experience and for the best fit.

Check that the earpiece is securely attached as shown in the figure.

Wearing ET90

Adjust the Pivot Motion Fit to a position where it can be attached firmly and fitted snugly against the ear.

ear ET900

Please refer to the video below on the correct way of wearing the earphones.

Pivot motion fit

Operating the Remote Control

Launch the music player app on the BLUETOOTH device connected, to start playback.

Functions ET90

Play/Pause (Icon_Play-Pause)

Press the L or R Multi Button TWS once quickly.

Volume adjustment (Icon_Volume-Down/ Icon_Volume-UP)

To raise the volume, press the Multi Button TWS on the R earphone twice quickly. To lower the volume, press the Multi Button TWS of the L earphone twice quickly.

Switches the sound mode

Press the L or R Multi Button TWS 3 times quickly.

FLAT Arrow Right white BASS Arrow Right white CLEAR Arrow Right white FLAT

A “beep” sound is output from the L earphone in the FLAT mode, 2 beeps in the BASS mode and 3 beeps in the CLEAR mode.

Make a song selection on the connected device.

When only the L earphone is in use, the volume level of the earphone cannot be adjusted. Adjust the volume on the connected device in this case.

The beep sound is output from the L earphone.

A “beep” sound is output every 2 minutes when the battery power is about to run out completely. In this case, the beep sound will be output from the side of the earphone where power is running out.

When watching movies with the earphones, a slight time lag may occur in the audio output.

This system cannot guarantee operation of all of the remote control functions.