1Check that the indicator is turned off.


2Touch and hold the touch sensor area until the indicator starts to flash quickly and alternately between red and white.

Touch_sensor_AE1W + Button R AE1W

Touch sensor area

Release your finger once you confirmed that the indicator is repeatedly flashing red and white quickly and alternately.


If the indicator does not flash red and white quickly and alternately (flashing in red for example), refer to Power Off to turn off the power, then touch and hold the touch sensor area again.

3Turn on the Bluetooth function of the BLUETOOTH device.

connecting 2 New

4Select “JVC HA-AE1W” from the device list.

connecting 3 Cap + Device List JVC


The indicator flashes slowly in white when a connection is completed.


During the pairing process, the BLUETOOTH device may require input of a PIN code. In such a case, enter “0000” as the PIN code for the System.

If connection (pairing) is not completed within 5 minutes after the indicator starts flashing, the System automatically turns itself off.