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Unable to pair

Touch and hold the touch sensor area until the indicator starts to flash alternately between red and white.

When pairing, make sure the BLUETOOTH device is within 1 m of this unit.

Turn on the BLUETOOTH device and enable pairing.

Delete the pairing information on the BLUETOOTH device list and perform pairing again.

Perform operations after setting the BLUETOOTH function of the connected device to OFF and then to ON again.

Perform operations after turning off the connected device and on again.

Refer to the page on connection. Connecting (Power On)

Check whether the System is connected to another device. Turn off the BLUETOOTH settings of other devices and enable pairing with the desired device.

The indicator flashes in red and connection cannot be completed

Turn on the BLUETOOTH device, enable its Bluetooth function and select this unit from the BLUETOOTH device list.

When the remaining battery power of the earphone is almost zero, the indicator flashes slowly in red. Re-charge the system and switch power on.

After connecting to this unit, the BLUETOOTH device connected does not function immediately

Depending on the BLUETOOTH device connected, even when the indicator flashes in white after connecting to the System, the BLUETOOTH device may not function immediately due to the time lag in the connection operation. Wait for a few seconds and try operating again.

The volume is low or the sound is unpleasant

Increase the volume on this unit or the BLUETOOTH device connected.

Insert the ear pieces more securely.

Change the size of the earpieces. Listening to music

Check whether the Touch & Talk function is used. Tap the touch sensor area of the R earphone once quickly to switch to the Touch & Talk function.

The sound is distorted

Adjust the volume on the BLUETOOTH device connected so that there is no distortion, and then adjust the volume on this unit.

Re-charge unit. Charging

The sound is choppy and there is noise

Change the position of the BLUETOOTH device connected to a position and direction where communication is stable.

Try reducing the number of apps running on the BLUETOOTH device connected.

Charge this unit. Charging

The System does not work correctly

Re-charge the system and switch power on.

When operating the remote control, touch only the touch sensor area at the operating side. Do not touch the touch sensor area at the opposite side. The touch sensor may function incorrectly when it is touched.

No response from the touch sensor

Re-charge the system and switch power on.

Touch it directly with the ball of your finger. Do not touch with a pen or your fingernail.

The touch sensor does not work if the sensor or your finger is wet. Wipe your finger dry with a cloth.

The touch sensor does not work with gloves. Remove your glove and operate again.

The touch sensor does not work when there is hair on the sensor. Touch the touch sensor area directly.

Touch the center (center of the headphone) of the touch sensor.

Unable to turn on the power

Charge this unit. Charging

The earphones fall off the ears easily

Change the size of the earpieces and ear fins. Listening to music

Unable to charge

Make sure that the USB cable is plugged in all the way.

Please charge within the charging temperature range.