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Using Google Assistant

Install and set up the Google Assistant app on your smartphone in advance.

Used for asking the Voice Assistant a question or checking notifications received on the connected device.

Operate with the R headphone unit.

Asking the Assistant a question

Touch and hold the main control panel.

Ask the Assistant a question while you finger is touching the main control panel, and release your finger after asking.

panel_main_long_tap_KZ1G + panel_main_long_tap_KZ1G

Main control panel

Checking Notifications

Tap the main control panel twice quickly.

panel_main_2tap_KZ1G + panel_main_2tap_KZ1G

Main control panel

Stopping Voice Assistant

Tap the main control panel once quickly.

panel_main_tap_KZ1G + panel_main_tap_KZ1G

Main control panel

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