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Connecting to and Viewing on TV

You can connect this unit to a TV for playback. The image quality on TV varies with the type of TV and the connecting cable. Select the connector that best suits your TV.

Refer also to the instruction manual of the TV in use.

To display the date and time on TV, set both “DISPLAY DATE/TIME” and “DISPLAY ON TV” to “ON”.

Unnatural Displays on TV

Trouble Action

Images do not appear on the TV properly.

Disconnect the cable and connect again.

Turn off and on this unit again.

Images may not appear properly when the remaining battery power is low. Use an AC adapter.

Images are projected vertically on the TV.

Set “VIDEO OUTPUT” in the “COMMON” menu to “4:3”.

Images are projected horizontally on the TV.

Adjust the TV's screen accordingly.

The color of images looks strange.

Adjust the TV's screen accordingly.

HDMI-CEC functions do not work properly, and the TV does not work in conjunction with this unit.

TVs may operate differently depending on the specifications, even if they are HDMI-CEC compliant. Therefore, the HDMI-CEC functions of this unit cannot be guaranteed to operate in combination with all the TVs. In such cases, set “HDMI CONTROL” to “OFF”.

The language on the display changed.

It may occur when you connect this unit to a TV with different language setting using an HDMI mini cable.



  • Do not remove the recording medium or perform any other operation (such as turning off the power) while accessing files. Also, be sure to use the provided AC adapter, as the data on the recording medium may be corrupted if the battery becomes exhausted during operation. If the data on the recording medium becomes corrupted, format the recording medium to use the medium again.