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Copying to Windows PC

You can copy files to a computer using the provided software.
Discs can also be created using the computer’s DVD or Blu-ray drive.
If the provided software is not installed, this unit will be recognized as an external storage when connected.


  • To record to discs, a recordable DVD or Blu-ray drive is required for the computer in use.
  • Still images cannot be recorded to discs using the provided software.
  • To create DVD-Video discs, it is necessary to install the additional software.
    For details, refer to the Pixela homepage.
  • Backing up of files using other softwares is not supported.

Trouble with Using the Provided Software Everio MediaBrowser 4

Consult the customer service center below.

Pixela User Support Center


USA and Canada (English): +1-800-458-4029 (toll-free)

Europe (UK, Germany, France, and Spain)
(English/German/French/Spanish): +800-1532-4865 (toll-free)

Other Countries in Europe
(English/German/French/Spanish): +44-1489-564-764

Asia (Philippines) (English): +63-2-438-0090

China (Chinese): 10800-163-0014 (toll-free)


For details on how to use the software, refer to “MediaBrowser Help” in the “Help” menu of Everio MediaBrowser 4.