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Inserting an SD Card

Insert a commercially available SD card before recording.

Close the LCD monitor.


Open the cover.


Insert an SD card.


Insert with the label facing outward.



  • When “SEAMLESS RECORDING” is set to “ON”, recordings can still be made to the SD card without stopping when the remaining recording time on the built-in memory runs out.
  • Both videos and still images can be recorded on one SD card. It is recommended to confirm the video operation of the SD card before usage.
  • To record to the card, it is necessary to perform media settings.
    When no card is available, set media settings to “BUILT-IN MEMORY” for recording. (GZ-EX250)
  • To use SD cards that have been used on other devices, it is necessary to format (initialize) the SD card using “FORMAT SD CARD” from media settings.

Removing the Card

Push the SD card inward once, then pull it out straight.