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Creating Discs with a DVD Writer

You can copy the recorded files to discs or play back the created discs using an optional DVD writer.

Compatible DVD Writers

Product Name Description

DVD Writer


Enables the images recorded on this unit to be copied to a DVD without using a PC.

DVD Writer


Creates DVDs and functions as an external DVD drive when connected to a PC. In addition, created DVDs can be played back by connecting the CU-VD50 to a TV.

Creating Discs with a DVD Writer

Preparing a DVD Writer

Copying to Discs

Other Operations


  • Discs created on this unit are saved in the AVCHD format.
    Play back on an AVCHD compatible device (such as Blu-ray recorder). In addition, discs in DVD-Video format cannot be created.
  • Images recorded in UXP mode cannot be copied to a DVD writer.
  • When there are many files to back up, it may take time for the backup to be completed. Wait for a while as the access lamp appears blinking, which indicates normal operation.
  • Date and time information as saved as subtitles in the created discs.