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Taking Videos in Auto Mode

You can record without worrying about the setting details by using the Intelligent Auto mode. Settings such as exposure and focus will be adjusted automatically to suit the shooting conditions.

In case of specific shooting scenes such as person etc., its icon is displayed on the screen.

Before recording an important scene, it is recommended to conduct a trial recording.

Open the lens cover.


Open the LCD monitor.


Check if the recording mode is MOVIE .

Check if the recording mode is iA Intelligent Auto.


If the mode is MANUAL_MODE Manual, tap MANUAL_MODE on the recording screen to display the mode switching screen.
Tap iA to switch the recording mode to Intelligent Auto.

Tap Auto&Manua

Start recording.


Press again to stop.

Some displays disappear after approximately 3 seconds.
Use the D-Appear button to change the displays.


  • Depending on the subject and shooting conditions, recording may not be performed properly even in the Intelligent Auto mode.

Indications During Video Recording

Indications Video Recording
Display Icon Description

Video Quality

Displays the icon of the “VIDEO QUALITY” setting selected in the recording menu.



Displays the setting of “TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF”. By default, it is set to “FACE TRACKING”.



Displays the current time.


Image Stabilizer

Displays the image stabilizer setting.


Recording Media

Displays the icon of the media where videos are recorded to.


Battery Indicator

Displays the approximate remaining battery power.

Details of the battery power can be displayed by pressing the INFO button.


Recording Mode

Displays the current recording mode of iA (Intelligent Auto) or MANUAL_MODE (Manual).



Displays the seamless recording icon when it is set. SEAMLESS appears if seamless recording cannot be performed.


Remaining Recording Time

Displays the remaining time for video recording.


Scene Counter
(Recorded Time)

Displays the elapsed time of the video that is currently being recorded.

Scenes of Intelligent Auto

Display Icon Description

Captures one’s skin beautifully.


Allows people to be captured naturally.


Focuses at a far distance and captures a sharp image with vivid colors.


Records with minimal noise in the overall image.


Allows night scenes to be captured accurately with minimal noise in the overall image.


Prevents colors from fading even when recording in a bright environment.


Records while focusing on a near object.


Reproduces the green color of trees vividly.


Reproduces the colors of sunset naturally.


Adjusts settings so that the subject does not appear too dark due to backlight.


Allows people to be captured naturally with minimal noise in the overall image.


Records while focusing on a near object even in a dark environment.


  • Scenes can be detected according to the shooting conditions and automatically adjusted in Intelligent Auto mode.
  • Some functions may not work properly depending on the shooting conditions.

Operation Buttons for Video Recording

Operation buttons for video Recording
Operation Button Description

Video/Still Image Mode

Switches between video and still image modes.


T/W Zoom

Allows the same functions as the zoom lever to be performed.
Camera shake that often occurs when using the zoom lever can be minimized.


Playback Mode

Switches to the playback mode.

num_4 / num_5

Recording Start Rec+Pause
Record-Standby Rec-Start

Functions as the START/STOP button.



Displays the various menus of video recording.


Display Button D-Appear

Switches the display between full ( D-LOCK ) and simple ( D-Appear ) with every tap of the button.

Simple display: Some displays disappear after approximately 3 seconds.

Full display: Displays everything. The display button changes from D-Appear to D-LOCK .

When the power is turned off, simple display ( D-Appear ) will be set.


Recording Mode iA / MANUAL_MODE

Switches the recording mode.


Using the Silent Mode

When the Silent mode is used, the LCD monitor darkens and operation sounds will not be output. Use this mode to record quietly in dark places such as during a performance.


Press and hold the SILENT button to turn on the Silent mode. To turn it off, press and hold the button again.

SILENT appears when “SILENT MODE” is set to “ON”.


Useful Settings for Recording

When “QUICK RESTART” is set to “ON”, this unit turns on immediately if you open the LCD monitor within 5 minutes after the power is turned off by closing the monitor.

When “AUTO POWER OFF” is set to “ON”, this unit turns itself off automatically to conserve power when it is not operated for 5 minutes. (only when using the battery pack)

When “TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF” is set to “FACE TRACKING”, this unit detects faces and automatically adjusts its brightness and focus to record the faces more clearly.

If the remaining space on the built-in memory runs out while “SEAMLESS RECORDING” is set to “ON”, recording continues after switching to the SD card.

When “DATE/TIME RECORDING” is used, the date and time can be recorded together with the video.



  • Do not expose the lens to direct sunlight.
  • Do not use this unit in the rain, snow, or places with high humidity like the bathroom.
  • Do not use this unit in places subject to excessive humidity or dust, as well as places exposed to steam or smoke directly.
  • The power may turn off to protect the circuit if the temperature of this unit rises too much.
  • Do not remove the battery pack, AC adapter, or SD card when the access lamp is lighted. The recorded data may become unreadable.
  • This unit is a microcomputer-controlled device. Electrostatic discharge, external noise and interference (from a TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from functioning properly. In such a case, turn off the power, then remove the AC adapter and battery pack. This unit will be reset.
  • Make a backup of important recorded data.

    - It is recommended to copy your important recorded data to a DVD or other recording media for storage.

    - JVC will not be responsible for any lost data.


  • Check the remaining recording time in the media before you start shooting. If there is not enough space, move (copy) the data to a computer or disc.
  • When there are many files in the media, it may take time for them to be displayed on the playback screen. Wait for a while as the access lamp appears blinking, which indicates normal operation.
  • Do not forget to make copies after recording!
  • Recording stops automatically as it cannot be performed for 12 or more consecutive hours according to specifications.
    (It may take some time to resume recording.)
  • For long recordings, the file is split into two or more files if the size exceeds 4 GB.
  • You can connect this unit to the AC adapter to record for long hours indoors.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions, the four corners of the screen may appear dark, but this is not a malfunction. In this case, change the shooting conditions by moving the zoom lever, etc.