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Using the App

App Screen Display

  1. Menu

  2. For moving to the different setting screens.

  3. Input switch

  4. Switches the input to HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, DIGITAL or ANALOG.

  5. Decoding display

  6. Displays the format of the decoding signal (Dolby, DTS, AAC, etc.).

  7. EXOFIELD layout display

  8. Displays an image of the speaker layout during playback.

    A headphone icon is displayed when the EXOFIELD effect is turned off.

    *In the case of AAC input signals, this display is fixed at 2ch regardless of the number of input channels when the surround effect is turned off and the EXOFIELD effect is turned on.

  9. Sound Mode display

  10. Displays the selected Sound Mode.

  11. Mute button

  12. Mutes the audio temporarily. Pressing the button again unmutes the audio.


  14. Pressing this button when there is no saved EXOFIELD data moves the display to the measurement screen.

    If there is existing user data, pressing the button switches the EXOFIELD effect on or off.

  15. Input display

  16. Displays the current input.

  17. Headphone battery display

  18. Displays the remaining battery level of the headphones.

  19. Volume

  20. Adjusts the volume.