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Dividing Files

You can divide a selected video into two.

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  • 2
  • 3
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Select the playback mode.

Selecting playback mode

Select video mode.

Selecting video mode

Touch MENU to display the menu.

Menu button

Select “EDIT” and touch OK .


Select “DIVIDE” and touch OK .


Select the desired file and touch OK .


Playback of the selected video starts.

Touch OK to pause playback, then touch “SET” at the point you want to divide the file.


The actual division point may differ slightly from the point that is set.

Select “DIVIDE HERE” and touch OK .


To select the division point again, select “CANCEL”.

After dividing, touch OK .


  • When playing back the divided file, the recording date of the division point is displayed.
  • You cannot divide the files with the upload or export setting turned on.