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Playing Back Still Images

You can select and play back the recorded still images from an index screen (thumbnail display).
The contents of the saving destination selected in “REC MEDIA FOR IMAGE” are displayed on the index screen.

Select the playback mode.

Selecting playback mode

Select still image mode.

Selecting still image mode

Select a still image and touch OK to start playback.

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Touch STOP to stop playback.

Operation Buttons for Still Image Playback

Operation buttons for still image playback

During Index Screen Display

Display Description

Starts playback of the selected file.


You can search for a specific file by the recording date.


Deletes the selected file.

PageUp / PageDown

Press and hold to move the pages of the index screen.

During Still Image Playback

Display Description

Start/pause slideshow


Stop (returns to thumbnail display)


Advances to the next still image


Returns to the previous still image


Plays back in reverse order during a slideshow.


Plays back in normal ascending order during a slideshow.



  • Touch the slider and buttons around the screen with your fingers.
  • The slider and buttons do not function if you touch them with your fingernails or with gloves on.
  • The displays on the screen do not work even if you touch them.
  • You can search for a specific file by the recording date.
    This is useful when searching from a large number of files.

Checking the Recording Date and Other Information

You can display the recording date and duration of the selected file.


Increasing/Decreasing the Number to Display on the Index Screen.

Operate the zoom lever when the index screen is displayed (thumbnail display) to change the number of files on the screen in the following order: 6 files → 12 files → 3 files.

Information of the files also appear when 3 files are displayed.