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Taking Still Images in Auto Mode

You can record without worrying about the setting details by using the auto mode.

Open the LCD monitor and select the still image mode.

Selecting still image mode

The still image mode icon appears.

Check if the recording mode is Auto.

Selecting auto mode

If the mode is Manual, touch the AUTO_MODE / MANUAL_MODE button.
The mode changes between Auto and Manual with every touch.

Set the focus on the subject.

Pressing halfway

When focused, the focus icon lights up in green.

Take a still image.

Pressing fully

PHOTO lights up when a still image is being captured.

Indications During Still Image Recording

Indications during still image recording
Display Icon Description
Recording Mode

Press the AUTO_MODE / MANUAL_MODE button to switch the recording mode between AUTO_MODE (Auto) and MANUAL_MODE (Manual).

Image Size

Displays the icon of the image size.

Image Quality

Displays the icon of the “IMAGE QUALITY” setting selected in the recording menu.

Number of Shots
(Recordable Number of Shots)

Displays the remaining number of shots for still image recording.


Lights up in green when focused.

Recording in Progress

Appears when a still image is being captured.

Recording Media

Displays the icon of the media where still images are recorded to.
The recording media can be changed.

Battery Indicator

Displays the approximate remaining battery power.
Details of the battery power can be displayed by pressing the INFO button POWER_BUTTON .


Operation Buttons for Still Image Recording

Operation buttons for still image recording
Operation Button Description
T/W Zoom

Functions as the zoom lever.

Quick Review

Enables the most recently captured still image to be viewed.


Switches the recording mode between Auto and Manual.


  • The slider operation button cannot be used when the LCD monitor is flipped.
  • The zoom appears when the slider is touched.

Useful Settings for Recording

When “QUICK RESTART” is set to “ON”, this unit turns on immediately if you open the LCD monitor within 5 minutes after the power is turned off by closing the monitor.

When “AUTO POWER OFF” is set to “ON”, this unit turns itself off automatically to conserve power when it is not operated for 5 minutes. (only when using the battery pack)

When “FACE PRIORITY AE/AF” is set to “ON” (default setting), this unit detects faces and automatically adjusts its brightness and focus to record the faces more clearly.

The image resolution can be changed.



  • Do not expose the lens to direct sunlight.
  • Do not use this unit in the rain, snow, or places with high humidity like the bathroom.
  • Do not use this unit in places subject to excessive humidity or dust, as well as places exposed to steam or smoke directly.
  • The access lamp lights up when video recording is in progress. Do not remove the battery pack, AC adapter, or microSD card when the lamp is lighted.


  • Before recording an important scene, it is recommended to conduct a trial recording.
  • The digital image stabilizer does not work when recording still images.