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Inserting a microSD Card

When a commercially available microSD card is inserted, recordings can still be made to the card when the remaining recording time on the hard disk (HDD) runs out.

Press the power button for more than 2 seconds to turn off this unit.

Power button

Open the card slot cover.

Opening the card slot cover

Insert a microSD card.

Inserting a microSD card

Insert with the metal contact area facing outward.


  • Make sure not to insert the card in the wrong direction.
    It may cause damage to the unit and card.
  • Turn off the power of this unit before inserting or removing a card.


  • To record to the card, it is necessary to adjust media settings.
    When no card is available, set media settings to “HDD” for recording.
  • To use cards that have been used on other devices, it is necessary to format (initialize) the card using “FORMAT SD CARD” from media settings.

Removing the Card

Push the card inward once, then pull it out straight.

Removing the card