Optional Accessories

You can record for a longer time by using the optional battery pack.

Product Name


Battery Pack



Provides a longer recording time. It can also be used as a spare battery pack.

HDMI Mini Cable



Allows viewing in high picture quality when connected to a TV.

Transmits video, audio, and control signals between devices.


For more information, refer to the catalog.

BN-VF815U is the same product as the battery that is provided with this unit.

Approximate Recording Time (Using Battery)

Battery Pack

Actual recording time

Continuous recording time
(Maximum Recording Time)



1 h

2 h

The above are values when “LIGHT” is set to “OFF” and “MONITOR BRIGHTNESS” is set to “3” (standard).

The actual recording time is an estimate in case that such operations as zooming is used or recording is stopped repeatedly. It may be shorter in the actual usage.
(It is recommended to prepare battery packs ready for three times the expected recording time.)

When the battery life is reached, the recording time becomes shorter even if the battery pack is fully charged.
(Replace the battery pack with a new one.)