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Dubbing Files to a Disc by Connecting to a DVD Recorder

You can dub videos in standard quality by connecting to a DVD recorder.

Refer also to the instruction manuals of the TV and DVD recorder.

Remove the AC adapter and battery pack from this unit.

Connect to a DVD recorder.

C3Z Non FF Bacup VCR connect AP-V30

Connect using the provided AV cable.
Connect the AC adapter to this unit.

Be sure to use the supplied AC adapter.

Turn on the power.

C3Z_Power button

Press the PLAY_BUTTON button to select the playback mode.

C3Z_Play button

Check if the playback mode is MOVIE .

If the mode is PHOTO still image, tap PHOTO on the playback screen to display the mode switching screen.
Tap MOVIE to switch the mode to video. (You can also use the MOVIE / PHOTO button on this unit.)

Prepare the TV/DVD recorder for recording.

Switch to a compatible external input.

Insert a disc (DVD-R, etc.) into the DVD recorder.

Prepare this unit for playback.

Set “VIDEO OUTPUT” in the “CONNECTION SETTINGS” menu to the aspect ratio (“4:3” or “16:9”) of the connecting TV.

Start recording.

Start playback on this unit and press the record button on the recorder.

After playback is complete, stop the recording.


AV cable (P/N: QAM1322-001)

Wiring specifications (for video/audio) of the 4-pole mini plug are described in the following.

For purchasing, consult your nearest JVC service center.



To include the recording date and time during dubbing, set “DISPLAY DATE/TIME” in the “PLAYBACK SETTING” menu to “ON”. Or, set “DISPLAY ON TV” in the “CONNECTION SETTINGS” menu to “ON”.