Charging the Battery Pack

Charge the battery pack immediately after purchase and when the remaining battery power is low.
The battery pack is not charged at the time of purchase.

Open the LCD monitor.

C3Z_Monitor open

Open the battery cover.

C3Z_Cover open

Attach the battery pack.

C3Z_Battery setting

Place the battery toward the right side. Push the battery into the main unit, and slide in until the battery clicks into place.

Close the battery cover, and then close the LCD monitor.

C3Z_Monitor close

Connect the AC adapter to the DC connector and plug in the power.

C3Z_AC adapter setting

The charging lamp blinks when charging is in progress.
It goes out when charging is finished.

Make sure not to insert the battery pack in the wrong direction.
It may cause damage to the unit and battery pack.


Be sure to use JVC battery packs.

If you use any other battery packs besides JVC battery packs, safety and performance cannot be guaranteed.

Charging time: Approx. 2 h 10 m (using supplied battery pack)
The charging time is when the unit is used at 25°C. If the battery pack is charged outside the room temperature range of 10°C to 35°C, charging may take a longer time or it may not start.
CHARGE lamp blinks 2 times in a slow cycle for notification if the battery charge does not start. In such case, leave the battery for a while, and charge the battery again.

If malfunctions (overvoltage, etc) occur, or if any battery manufactured other than JVC is attempted for battery charge, charging stops. In these cases, CHARGE lamp blinks quickly for notification.

When carrying this unit by putting it in a bag, the power button may be pressed accidentally, which may cause the battery to be consumed. Before recording an important scene, it is recommended that you remove the battery when carrying this unit.

Be sure to use the supplied AC adapter.

If you use any other AC adapters besides the supplied AC adapter, malfunctions may occur.

You can record or play back videos while the AC adapter is connected. (Battery charging cannot be performed during recording or playback.)
Remove the battery when the unit is to be used for a long time. Performance of the battery may drop if it is left attached to the unit.

Battery charging cannot be performed when the power of this unit is on.

In order to charge the battery, be sure to turn off the power.

Rechargeable Batteries

When using the battery in a low temperature environment (10°C or below), the operating time may be shortened, or it may not function properly. When using this unit outdoors in the winter weather, warm the battery, such as by placing it in the pocket, before attaching it. (Keep away from direct contact with a warm pack.)

Do not expose the battery to excessive heat, such as direct sunlight or fire.

After removing the battery, store it in a dry place between 15°C to 25°C.

Keep a 30 % battery level ( Battery1-3 ) if the battery pack is not to be used for a long period of time. In addition, fully charge and then fully discharge the battery pack every 6 months, then continue to store it at a 30 % battery level ( Battery1-3 ).


You can connect this unit to the AC adapter to shoot for long hours indoors.

Detaching the Battery Pack

To remove the battery, press the battery lock lever ( num_1 ) and slide the battery.

C3Z_Battery remove

Approximate Battery Charging Time (Using AC Adapter)

Battery Pack

Charging time


2 h 10 m

When the battery life is reached, the recording time becomes shorter even if the battery pack is fully charged.
(Replace the battery pack with a new one.)

* The charging time is when the unit is used at 25°C. If the battery pack is charged outside the room temperature range of 10°C to 35°C, charging may take a longer time or it may not start. The recordable and playable time may also be shortened under some usage conditions such as at low temperature.