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Recording at Intervals (TIME-LAPSE RECORDING)

This function enables the changes of a scene that occur slowly over a long period to be shown within a short time by taking frames of it at a certain interval.
This is useful for making observations such as the opening of a flower bud.

Press the TIME CONTROL button.


Select the recording speed by using the adjustment dial.

C3Z_Adjust dial Right

Press the SET button.

C3Z_SET button

Start recording.


A frame is taken at intervals of the selected period.

When the recording interval is set to “20SEC INTERVAL” or higher, this unit switches to the power-saving mode between recordings.
At the next point to record, the power-saving mode will be turned off and recording will start automatically.

To return to the normal recording mode

Press the TIME CONTROL button, and then select “50fps” by the adjustment dial.

Normal recording mode can be resumed by turning off the power of this unit.

Indications During Time-Lapse Recording

C3_Indications Time-Lapse




Recording interval

Displays the recording interval that is set.


Recorded Time

Displays the actual recorded time of the video. Recorded time increases in units of frames.


Actual Elapsed Time

Displays the actual elapsed time after recording starts.


Remaining Recording Time

Remaining time left to record with the currently selected video quality.

Time-Lapse Setting

The lesser the setting value is, the longer the recording interval becomes.




Takes a frame at 1-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 25 times speed.


Takes a frame at 2-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 50 times speed.


Takes a frame at 5-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 125 times speed.


Takes a frame at 10-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 250 times speed.


Takes a frame at 20-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 500 times speed.


Takes a frame at 40-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 1000 times speed.


Takes a frame at 80-second intervals.
Recorded videos will be played back at 2000 times speed.


Audio cannot be recorded during time-lapse recording.

Zooming, simultaneous still image recording, and image stabilizer are not available in time-lapse recording.

When recording is stopped with the recorded time less than “0:00:00:14”, the video will not be saved.


Settings of time-lapse recording are reset when the power is turned off. To start time-lapse recording again, it is necessary to make the selection once more.

Recording stops automatically 99 hours after it is started.

Make use of a tripod and AC adapter for time-lapse recordings with long intervals.
It is also recommended to fix the focus and white balance manually.

If the video is recorded in progressive format (except for iFrame), the playback speed is doubled.
(Example) A video recorded using “1fps” is played back at 50 times speed.