Using the Touch Screen

Icon operation buttons, thumbnails, and menu items are displayed on the touch screen according to the mode in use.

There are two ways to operate the touch screen, namely “tap” and “drag”. The following are some examples.

A Tap the displayed button (icon) or thumbnail (file) on the touch screen to make selection.

B Drag the thumbnails on the touch screen to search for the desired file.



The touch screen of this unit is pressure-sensitive. When the touch screen does not respond smoothly, apply slightly more force to your fingertip.

Tap the buttons (icons) on the touch screen accurately. The buttons may not respond if they are not tapped on the right area.

Do not press or rub with excessive force.

Do not operate the touch screen using an object with a sharp tip.

Pressing two or more places at a time may cause a malfunction.

Perform “TOUCH SCREEN ADJUST” if the reactive area of the screen is misaligned with the touched area. (Adjust by lightly tapping with a corner of an SD card, etc. Do not press with an object with a sharp tip or do not press hard.)