Playing Back Videos

The followings are the types of playback that can be performed by this unit.



Normal Playback

Plays back the recorded videos.

Mark Playback
(Mark playback/game playback)

The scenes marked while recording the video and the scoring scenes recorded in the game recording mode (by using the smartphone application) can be searched.

To start, tap “MARK PLAY” on the playback screen.

For the game recording mode, refer to the game score settings.


From the recorded video, scenes are extracted automatically, pieced together for a digest playback within the specified length.
Start playback from “DIGEST PLAYBACK” in the “PLAYBACK SETTING” menu.


Videos with defective management information can be played back.
Start playback from “PLAYBACK OTHER FILE” in the “PLAYBACK SETTING” menu.

Switching to the video playback screen

Press the PLAY_BUTTON button to select the playback mode.

C3Z_Play button

Check if the playback mode is MOVIE .

If the mode is PHOTO still image, tap PHOTO on the playback screen to display the mode switching screen.
Tap MOVIE to switch the mode to video. (You can also use the MOVIE / PHOTO button on this unit.)


Make a backup of important recorded data.
It is recommended to copy your important recorded data to a DVD or other recording media for storage.

This unit is a microcomputer-controlled device. Electrostatic discharge, external noise and interference (from a TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from functioning properly. In such a case, turn off the power, then remove the AC adapter and battery pack. This unit will be reset.

- We shall not be held responsible for loss of recorded contents when recording videos/audio or playback cannot be operated due to malfunctions in this unit, provided parts, or SD card.
- Once deleted, recorded contents (data), including data loss due to malfunctions in this unit, cannot be restored. Please be forewarned.
- JVC will not be responsible for any lost data.
- In order for quality improvement, defective recording medium is subject to be analyzed. Therefore, it may not be returned.

Checking the Recording Date and Other Information

Press the PLAY_BUTTON button to select the playback mode.

C3Z_Play button

Tap on the file to start playback.


Tap “MENU”.

C3Z_During Video Playback

Tap “INFO.”.


Tap batsu to exit the menu.

You can display the recording date and duration of the selected file.

C3Z_Wi-Fi Recording Date Information

The screen is a display when “VIDEO REC FORMAT” is set to “AVCHD”.

“FILE” and “FOLDER” are added when “VIDEO REC FORMAT” is set to “MP4/MOV”.

“FILE”, “FOLDER”, “DATE/TIME”, “SIZE”, “PROTECT” and “GPS INFO.” are displayed in still image mode.