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  • Adds, deletes, or perform LAN settings of access points (wireless LAN router).

  • Turns off the power automatically if the camcorder is not operated for 5 minutes.

  • This function enables the unit to record automatically by sensing the changes in subject’s movement (brightness) within the red frame displayed on the LCD monitor.

  • For connecting this unit to a TV for playback or to a VCR/DVD recorder for dubbing.


  • Attach to this unit when using the unit without using the AC adapter.


  • Charging is necessary when the battery power of this camcorder is running out.

  • Enables videos and still images to be copied by connecting to this unit via USB.


  • System used mainly in the Western countries to set the time ahead by 1 hour in summer when there are longer hours of sunshine.
    Time is set 1 hour ahead when this is selected.

  • Deletes the recorded videos or still images.

  • Enables a higher magnification than optical zoom.

  • Sets the on-screen display when connected to a TV.

  • Connects and records videos recorded on this unit to a VCR/DVD recorder.


  • Returns all settings of the unit to their default values.

  • Updates the functions of this unit to the latest version.

  • Brings the camera into focus.

  • Appears on the top right of the screen during still image playback.


  • Adjusts the brightness automatically in dark places.

  • Prevents the camcorder from dropping while being held by adjusting this firmly around the hand.


  • Sets whether to link operations with an HDMI-CEC compliant TV.

  • Sets the output from the HDMI connector of this unit when it is connected to a TV.

  • Plays back in slow-motion by increasing the recording frame rate and capturing fast-moving subjects.


  • Enables selection of image size for still image recording.


  • The language on the display can be changed.


  • Enables adjustment of various settings according to your shooting needs.


  • Turns on/off the operation sound when buttons are pressed.


  • Turns the power of this unit on/off while the LCD monitor is opened.

  • Protects important videos and still images from being deleted accidentally.


  • Enables recording to be performed immediately when the LCD monitor is opened.



  • One of the SD cards where videos and still images can be saved to.

  • Enables searching of the recorded videos or still images by recording date.

  • Enables recorded videos and still images to be searched.

  • Starts recording after the timer countdown during still image recording.

  • Switches files automatically during still image playback.

  • Automatically captures a still image upon detection of a smile.


  • Enables close-up shots when zoomed to the telephoto (T) end.

  • Takes a frame at a certain interval. This enables the changes of a scene that occur slowly over a long period to be recorded.

  • Automatically adjusts focus and brightness based on the subjects’ faces or selected area.

  • Captures only the required parts in a recorded video.

  • Useful for recording from the same position and preventing camera shake.


  • Enables setting of aspect ratio for the video output according to the connecting TV.

  • Enables selection of the picture quality for video recording.


  • Sets the color in accordance to the lighting of the shooting location.

  • Reduces the noise caused by wind during recording.


  • Records audio sounds in the same direction as the zoom operation.

  • Sets the maximum zoom ratio.

  • Enlarges the subject using optical zoom or digital zoom.