The angle of view can be adjusted using zoom.

Use the W end (wide angle end) to shoot a wider field of view.

Use the T end (telephoto end) to magnify the subject for shooting.

C3Z_Movie Zoom button


When digital zoom is used, the image becomes grainy as it is digitally enlarged.

The zoom ratio range can be changed.

Zoom Memory

In video mode, zoom position can be stored by the Zoom Memory icon (WT) on the touch panel.

Storing Method

Zoom to the position to reach to the desired position for storing.

C3Z_Zoom button

Tap “WT”.

C3Z Tap MENU(Movie)

Press and hold “M” (approx. 1 second).

C3Z Tap MENU Zoom Memory

Store the zoom position.

Operating Detail

Tap “WT”.

C3Z Tap MENU(Movie)

Tap “M”.

C3Z Tap MENU Zoom Memory

Zoom to the point that is stored in advance.

Zoom to the W end (wide angle end) or the T end (telephoto end) by tapping “W” or “T”.