Connecting via the AV Connector

To playback videos on TV, connect the provided AV cable (P/N QAM1322-001) to the AV terminal of this unit.

Refer also to the instruction manual of the TV in use.

Connect to a TV.

C3Z_Play TV_AV connect

Connect the AC adapter to this unit.

C3Z_AC adapter setting

Turn on the power.

C3Z_Power button

Press the external input button on the TV to switch to the input from this unit via the connected connector.

External Input


For questions about the TV or method of connection, contact your TV's manufacturer.

AV cable (P/N: QAM1322-001)

Wiring specifications (for video/audio) of the 4-pole mini plug are described in the following.

For purchasing, consult your nearest JVC service center.