Organizing Files

After backing up your files, organize them by adding labels, such as “Family Trip”, etc.
This is useful not only for creating discs, but for viewing the files too.

Double-click on the MediaBrowser icon.

The provided software starts up.


Display the month of the files to organize.

MediaBrowser1 SE

Create a user list.

MediaBrowser2 SE

A new user list is added to the user list library.

Click on the recording day.

The thumbnails of the files recorded on the day are displayed.

MediaBrowser2-1 SE

Register files to the created user list.

MediaBrowser4 SE

Identifying Video or Still Image

You can select files using the “SELECT” menu on the top right of the screen.

Check the video/still image icon on the top right corner of the thumbnail.

Video/still image icon


If you encounter any problems with the provided software MediaBrowser, please consult the “Pixela User Support Center”.


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