Obtaining a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Account

By obtaining a dynamic DNS account, this unit may be used on the web as usual even if the IP address changes when making an access to this unit via internet.

Only the JVC dynamic DNS service can be set on this camera.

To obtain (register) an account, perform the following steps.

Access the following URL from a browser and register for an account.
(Operation on a computer or smartphone)

Set your e-mail address as the username.

Check that you have received a confirmation e-mail to the address used in registration, and access the URL stated in the e-mail.
(Operation on a computer or smartphone)

Set the username and password used in registration on the camera.
(Operation on this camera)

(Operation on this camera)

If “OUTDOOR MONITORING” is executed while dynamic DNS settings are enabled, the camera will access the dynamic DNS server.

Tap “CAMERA NETWORK INFO.” to check that the URL (WAN) is displayed.
(Registration complete)


Registration will be canceled if you do not access the dynamic DNS server from the camera within 3 days.
Perform the registration again in this case.

Registration will not be complete if the username and password set on this camera are incorrect. Be sure to check that they are correct.

Successful registration will be canceled too if you do not access the dynamic DNS server for 1 year.