Indications on the Screen

Recording Screen

C3Z_PC Index PAL


The full screen button is not displayed when the stream format is MotionJPEG.


Features of the stream format are as follows:
Full HD/SD (MPEG-2 TS format)
- Sound of the camera can be checked from the browser.
- Recording operations cannot be performed from the browser.
- Sound of the camera cannot be played back from the browser.
- Recording and zoom operations can be performed from the browser.

The monitor’s image stops automatically after monitoring is performed continuously for 12 hours in Full HD or SD. (To resume, press the reload button)

To use Full HD or SD, it is necessary to install Media Player 12 in advance.

Lagging of the screen may be caused by the network speed or computer performance.

If lagging is severe, reload the screen regularly.
(It may take some time for the screen to be displayed after reloading.)

For Full HD, make use of a computer with the following system requirements.
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or higher
2 GB memory or higher

Video Index Screen (Thumbnail Display) (AVCHD)

C3Z_PC Video Index(AVCHD)

Video Index Screen (Thumbnail Display) (MP4/MOV)

C3Z_PC Video Index(MP4_MOV)

To download a video, click on the thumbnail.

Still Image Index Screen (Thumbnail Display)

C3Z_PC Still Image Index2

To download a still image, click on the thumbnail.


Notification mail settings such as detection method and recipient’s e-mail address can be changed even when the camera is out of reach.

C3Z_PC Notice Mail2