A.When there are multiple light sources and depending on the shooting conditions, exposure and focus may not be adjusted correctly in the Intelligent Auto mode. In this case, adjust the settings manually.

A.Recording stops automatically as it cannot be performed for 12 or more consecutive hours according to specifications. (It may take some time to resume recording.)

A.Turn off this unit, wait for a while, and turn it on again. (This unit stops automatically to protect the circuit when the temperature rises.)

A.The continuous shooting speed will drop if this function is used repeatedly.

A.Continuous shooting speed may drop depending on the SD card or under certain recording conditions.

A.If you are recording in a dark place or a subject that has no contrast between dark and light, adjust the focus manually.

A.Wipe the lens with a lens cleaning cloth.

A.Digital zoom is not available in the still image recording mode.

A.Zoom operation is not available in time-lapse recording. (Simultaneous still image recording and image stabilizer are also not available.)

A.To use digital zoom, set “ZOOM” in the menu accordingly.