A.The LCD monitor may be difficult to see if used in bright areas such as under direct sunlight.

A.Change the direction of this unit to prevent the light source from coming into view. (A band or a ball of bright light may appear when there is a bright light source near this unit, but this is not a malfunction.)

A.Use backlight compensation when the background is bright and the subject is dark.

A.Use “LIGHT” in the menu.


A.Use “GAIN UP” in the menu.

A.Set “BRIGHTNESS ADJUST” in the recording menu to the “+” side.

A.Decrease the shutter speed. (Subject may be blurred if the shutter speed is too slow.)

A.Set to a smaller aperture value.

A.Deactivate the backlight compensation if it is being used.

A.Set “BRIGHTNESS ADJUST” in the recording menu to the “-” side.

A.Increase the shutter speed.

A.Set to a larger aperture value.

A.While the LCD monitor screen has more than 99.99% effective pixels, 0.01% of the pixels may be bright spots (red, blue, green) or dark spots. This is not a malfunction. The spots will not be recorded.