Transferring Videos (AVCHD format)

Transfer videos recorded in AVCHD format to the smartphone.

The video to be forwarded is converted to the following format.







H. 264/MPEG-4 AVC Baseline Profile

* Bit rate is indicated in ( )

1280X720 (3.6Mbps)
640X360 (1Mbps)

Frame rate



Coding system


Sampling rate



16 bit

Number of channels

2 ch

Start “Wireless sync.” on the smartphone.


Start the application after confirming that the smartphone is connected to this camera.

Select the connection type to the camera.

Wireless sync2-1

Tap the current connection type.

Recording screen appears.

Tap “Index”.

C3Z_Appli Android Top

In the index screen, tap the desired images to transfer.

C3Z_Appli Android  Video Thumbnail

Confirm that the “AVCHD” tab is indicated in the lower part of the screen.

Files are displayed as a split files by certain lengths of time. Enter the check mark ( num_1 ) to the files to transfer, and tap the transfer mark icon ( num_2 ) on the lower right.

C3Z_Appli Android Start Time

Number of the selected image files is indicated next to the check mark in lower left.

To set the length of video you are transferring, refer to the below instructions.


C3Z_Appli Android Manual Time

Tap “CANCEL” to cancel the operation.

“TRANSFER” starts.

C3Z_Appli Android Manual Time2-2

Tap “CANCEL” to cancel the operation.

After transferring is complete, tap “OK”.

C3Z_Appli Android Completion

To play back and check the video, tap “CHECK”. (Android only) (unavailable when multiple videos are transferred)

To upload the video, tap “SHARE”. (Android only) (unavailable when multiple videos are transferred)
Tap the desired service, then proceed to the uploading process.
To make use of a service, it is necessary to perform registration beforehand.

Transferring manually

You can set the length of transferred video.

Tap “MANUAL” in step 5.
At the start point, enter the starting time of the video.
Specify the lengths of the video by using the slider bar. (10 to 300 sec)
After confirming the setting, tap “TRANSFER”, and then tap “TRANSFER” one more time.
C3Z_Appli Manual transfer

Length of the transferred video can be adjusted by using the slider bar.

The longer the length of the transferred video is set, the longer it takes to transfer the video.