Use of Marking

Enter the mark in the desired scene to make it easy to find the scene later.

* Establish a Wi-Fi connection by using the DIRECT MONITORING function.

Common for Android and iOS

Tap REC01 to start recording the video.

C3Z_Appli Monitor Marking

Tap the “Marking” button at the scene you want to mark.

C3Z_Appli Monitor Marking2

The marking screen appears.

C3Z_Appli Monitor Marking3

Once a scene is marked, the next mark won’t be made within 5 seconds.

The type of marking can be changed in the setting menu.

Tap “Monitor” to return to the monitor screen.

Setting the type of marking


C3Z_Appli Android Top2


C3Z_Appli Type mark

Select a type of marking.

C3Z_Appli Type mark2