Transferring Videos (MP4 format)

Transfer videos recorded in MP4 format to the smartphone. (Depending on the smartphone in use, videos may not be played back.)

Transferred videos are sent in the original file format.

Start “Wireless sync.” on the smartphone.


Start the application after confirming that the smartphone is connected to this camera.

Select the connection type to the camera.

Wireless sync2-1

Tap the current connection type.

Recording screen appears.

Tap “Index”.

C3Z_Appli Android Top

Select “MP4” from the tab at the bottom of the screen, and tap the video to transfer.

C3Z_Appli Index MP4

Tap “Monitor” to return to the monitor screen.

Tap COMMON to move to the setting screen.


C3Z_Appli Android Manual Time(MP4)

Tap “CANCEL” to cancel the operation.

“TRANSFER” starts.

C3Z_Appli Android Manual Time2

Tap “CANCEL” to cancel the operation.

After transferring is complete, tap “OK”.

C3Z_Appli Android Completion

To play back and check the video, tap “CHECK”. (Android only)

To upload the video, tap “SHARE”. (Android only)
Tap the desired service, then proceed to the uploading process.
To make use of a service, it is necessary to perform registration beforehand.