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Camera Setup for Network Connection

Connect an appropriate adapter according to the intended use to the [HOST] terminal at the rear of the camera recorder.

The following adapters can be connected.

Wireless LAN adapter

Ethernet adapter

Cellular adapter


Only a network connection adapter can be connected to the [HOST] terminal.

Connect or disconnect an adapter only after you have turned off the power of the camera recorder.

You can find the latest information on the compatible adapters at the product page of our website.

Two types of network coverage (WAN and LAN) are available for each application.

Enable the network connection.

Set [Main Menu] arrowR [System] arrowR [Network] to “On(HDMI Off)” or “On(SDI Off)”.

Configure the connection settings.

Select [Main Menu] arrowR [System] arrowR [Network]/[Settings] arrowR [Connection Setup] arrowR [Wizard] and press the Set button ( REC button ).

A wizard screen appears according to the type of adapter connected. Follow the instructions on the screen to perform setting.

Mobile User Guide
GY-HM890 series / GY-HM850 series
Mobile User Guide