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Basic Shooting Procedures



Attach the necessary accessories.
Supply battery or AC adapter power to the camera recorder.
Insert an SD card.
Turn on the power of the camera recorder.

Setting the [POWER ON/OFF] switch to “ON” starts up the camera recorder in the Camera mode to enable shooting.

Adjust the angle of the LCD monitor and viewfinder.


Configure the video and audio input settings.

You have to configure video settings such as brightness adjustment (iris, gain, shutter) and white balance adjustment in order to start shooting. You also have to adjust the audio input settings and audio recording level for audio recording.

Adjusting the Brightness

Adjusting the White Balance

Adjusting Audio Input Settings and Recording Level

Press the [REC] button to start recording to the SD card.

This camera recorder has three [REC] buttons. Any of the [REC] buttons can be used to start/stop recording by default.

The front and back tally lamps light up in red during recording.

Zoom Operation

Adjusting the Focus Manually


If both the slots are loaded with recordable cards in the factory default, pressing the [REC] button starts recording only to the media in the selected slot.
When [System] arrowR [Record Set] arrowR [Slot Mode] is set to “Dual”, recording can be performed simultaneously to the cards in both the slots.

The tally lamps can be turned off in the [System] arrowR [Front Tally]/[Back Tally] menu.

Check the most recently captured images.

Press the user button assigned with the [Clip Review] function to activate the Clip Review function. The most recently captured images are played back on the LCD monitor and viewfinder screen.

After playback, the camera recorder returns to standby mode (STBY).

Mobile User Guide
GY-HM890 series / GY-HM850 series
Mobile User Guide